FHJ Series Container Mixer  

FHJ Series Container Mixer adopts movable container design, suitable for the mixing of various kinds of powder and granular materials. When the container loaded with raw materials is moved to the workstation, it will be pneumatically lifted and securely locked with the stirring head by automatic controls. The raw materials are to be mixed homogeneously by stirring blade and high speed crusher while the stirring head tilts 180 degree to the working position. The container will return to the original position and be separated from the stirring head when the mixing process finished. The whole mixing process is automatically controlled by PLC/HMI, with homogeneous mixing results, high production efficiency and no solidified particles.

* Efficient and homogeneous mixing result
*Multi-containers used for continuous operation, convenient colour switch and cleaning

*Sealed main shaft, no leakage or solid particles
* Automatic vacuum
* PLC/HMI automatic control
* Comprehensive safety system
* Easy maintenance 
* Automatic positioning, lifting and locking
* Optional: Water-cooled mixing head

Main Technical Parameter

Model Volume(L) Crushing Power(kW) Mixing Power(kW) Tilting Power(kW) Dimension(mm)
FHJ-150 150   4-5.5 0.37-0.55 1200×1420×2000
FHJ-300 300 3-4 9.2-11 0.75-1.1 2400×1700×2600
FHJ-600 600 4-5.5 15-18.5 0.75-1.1 2700×1800×2950
FHJ-1000 1000 5.5-7.5 22-37 1.1-1.5 2900×2000×3300
FHJ-1500 1500 5.5-7.5 30-37 1.5-2.2 3300×2200×3400
FHJ-2000 2000 5.5-7.5 45-55 2.2-3.0 3500×2400×3600


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