Lab Grinding System

This series of grinding system is mainly used for lab powder sample and pilot sample, in order to acquire the good formula and technical parameters in mass production. It adopts the good technology in grinding craft, mechanical drive & structure and controlling system, etc. 

*Low noise
*Synchronization with production equipment in particle size
* Reflect the actual formula effect
*Imitable operating parameter of production grinding system
* Easy to clean and maintain

*In accordance with the standard of European ATEX and PSR11
* Safe to operate

Main Technical Parameter

Model Output(kg/h) Main Power(kW) Mill Speed (rpm) Classifier Motor (kW) Fan Power(kW) Dimension(mm)
LYF-02 5-30 1.5-2.2 18000 0.55-0.75 3-4 1600*1600*2000
LYF-05 30-50 3-4 9000 0.55-0.75 3-4 1900*1500*2200
LYF-07 80-120 4-5.5 8000 0.55-0.75 5.5-7.5 2100*1600*2200
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