SLJ-H Series Twin Screw Extruder, with high capacity, is an ideal equipment for extruding various
chemical materials. Raw materials are perfectly dispersed and distributed by precise kneading-elements in high speed. Twin Screw Extruder is a very important equipment for powder coatings processing.

* Homogeneous distributed and dispersive mixing. Strong self-cleaning ability and no solidified particles.
* Screw elements on screw shafts can be combined according to technical requirements of powder coating production
* Screw elements, liners, barrel and shafts with excellent performance, durable and long service life
* Gear box equipped with a separate lubrication and cooling system, has advantages of high torque, low noise≤60DB, high wear resistance, long service life. Equipped with torque limiter (Optional)
* Homogeneous and accurate feeding system is designed with metering screw. Anti-bridging device is equipped. Metal separator is optional
* Controlled by PLC and Touch Screen
* Comprehensive safety protection system

Main Technical Parameter

Model Output(kg/h) Screw Speed(rpm) L/D Ratio Motor Power(kW) Heating Power(kW) Demension(mm)
SLJ-41 150-200 0-500 14-48 15-22 10 2800*1260*2100
SLJ-50 350-500 0-800 14-48 30-45 10 2700*1400*1800
SLJ-65 600-800 0-800 14-48 45-75 12 3400*1150*1700
SLJ-75 700-900 0-800 14-48 55-90 16 3400*1150*1800
SLJ-95 1000-1500 0-600 14-48 75-132 18 3900*1200*2000
SLJ-125 2000-3000 0-600 14-48 110-150 24 4300*1500*2200
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